04 February 2015


The Sentinel of the Caprock Observatory (SOCO) has been around since August of 2012, but previous communications of what's been going on there have been limited to emails sent out to a group of close friends. However, I've been impressed my a number of very fine amateur astronomy webpages that can be found on the web. I've often found these websites helpful in figuring out possible exposure times for imaging various astronomical objects, and for investigating what kinds of equipment setups people are using. In setting up and operating SOCO for the past fews years, I feel that I've got some information, based on my studies and experience, that might be helpful to other amateur astronomers. For this reason, I've set up this website. From time to time, I'll be using this blog to describe my astronomy-related activities at SOCO, with the hope that this information will be useful or, at least, maybe a bit interesting. More detailed information of a technical nature, like specific image processing procedures or in-depth equipment reviews, can be found in other sections of this website. I'll also use this blog to pass on bits of information from other sources that I've found useful or entertaining, and maybe attempt to explain some of the philosophy behind why astronomy is such an enjoyable passtime.


"Astronomers don't mind being left out in the dark."




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