The South Plains Astronomy Club is a small group of active astronomers who enjoy observing under the beautifully dark West Texas skies while being serenaded by coyotes and night birds. We’re a friendly bunch who enjoy showing newcomers the night skies and discussing the latest in telescopes, astro-imaging, astronomical discoveries and space exploration.


Missed a recent monthly SPAC meeting? A summary of what went on is presented below so you can keep up-to-date on club activities. You can also access the minutes of the business meeting once they have been approved by clicking on the link provided (Use the "Back" button on your browser to return to this page).

15 August 2019.  Our new Treasurer Lesley Harris gave her first Treasurer's Report at the meeting. SPAC is in good shape financially— as of the meeting time, our bank balance was $2,020.44 with outstanding expenses of $208.66. Our annual dues to the Astronomical League have been paid and we've rented a post office box to receive official Club mail (like bank statements and Club dues). We picked up eight new members since the meeting in July.

Lesley informed the Club members about switching SPAC's checking account from the TTU Credit Union to Prosperity Bank. This is in part due to the Credit Union's preference that organizations they serve be affiliated with Texas Tech (SPAC isn't). Also, Prosperity Bank will provide better financial services to SPAC, most at no cost.

President Maas read the text of two proposed amendments to SPAC's By-Laws, as is required by our Constition. These amendments will change the time of the annual membership drive from September to April. The reasons for this change were outlined in an email sent to Club members on 13 August. The amendments will be voted on at the September meeting.

President Maas led a discussion about the possibilty of changing the domain for the SPAC website. Member Tom Heisey indicated that the old domain, southplainsastronomy.org, was still available and could be used for the website. In a unanimous vote, it was decided to change the domain for SPAC's website from the current cat-star.org to southplainsastronomy.org. Over the next few months, the SPAC Executive Committee will work to accomplish this.

Treasurer Harris reminded Club members about the Pool Party that she and her husband Scott are putting on this coming Saturday (17 August). Members should RSVP if they plan on attending.

The meeting had one visitor— Mr. Yuexiao Shen, an astronomy enthusiast that has just moved here from Central California. He brings substantial expertise in astronomical imaging, and we look forward to counting him as a new member.

Following the business meeting, the Club viewed the film "Inside the Milky Way", a great documentary on our home galaxy.

18 July 2019.  President Steve Maas described his efforts with the Ransom Canyon Property Owners' Association (POA) Events Committee in publicizing the upcoming Public Star Party to be held in Ransom Canyon on Saturday, 27 July. He indicated that the POA Events Committee is doing a great job in this effort. Due to the potential for a fairly large public turnout, President Maas requested that the Club field around 4 to 5 telescopes for this event. The Members present indicated that this was do-able. President Maas will provide additional information via email as the time of the event gets closer.
Member Lesley Harris was elected unanimously without opposition for the position of SPAC Treasurer. The Club will benefit immensely from Lesley's imagination, enthusiasm and energy in this position.

President Maas conveyed that Dr. Robert Morehead, Professor in the Texas Tech Department of Physics and Astronomy, has accepted a position at Penn State and will be leaving in mid-August. This may potentially affect SPAC activities because Dr. Morehead has been in charge of the Gott Observatory, one of SPAC's observing sites. We will wait to see who is his replacement in that position.

Member Lesley Harris announced that she and her husband Scott would like to host a get-together for SPAC Club Members at their home in Lubbock, tentatively on Saturday, 17 August. Further information will be available as the time gets closer.

Following the business meeting, we watched the film "The City Dark", a documentary on light pollution and its effects on astronomy, wildlife and human health.

Minutes of the business meeting.

20 June 2019.  President Steve Maas went over details of the coming SPAC Star-BQ to be held on 28-29 June. He indicated that he would send an email out to all members early next week finalizing the details and soliciting who and how many were planning on attending. The long-range weather forecast looks favorable for holding the event. A final "go or no-go" message would be sent by email to the members on the morning of the 28th. This message will also appear on the Message Board on the SPAC Website.

President Maas presented a proposal for revising how SPAC does its Public Star Parties. In summary,

There would be two Public Star Parties scheduled for each month. By scheduling two per month, there is a 65% probability that at least one of the events will have clear skies during a typical month. It is unlikely (only 18% probability) that both would have clear skies in a given month.

The first event would be held on the second Saturday of the month and would be primarily a "moon observing" event (plus the brighter planets, double stars and brighter star clusters). The second event would be held on the fourth Saturday of the month and would be primarily a "dark-sky object observing" event (galaxies, nebulas and star clusters, plus the planets). The events were moved to Saturdays to avoid potential conflicts with high school football on Friday nights in the fall.

The first event would continue to be held at Tech Terrace Park, while the second event would be held at Ransom Canyon, which has reasonably dark skies due to a much lower level of light pollution.

The proposed plan would be evaluated after 6 months and any appropriate changes could be made at that time.

A motion to institute this plan passed unanimously. So, once the plan is set up, SPAC will be have a new and hopefully improved way for holding its Public Star Parties.

Member Craig Patterson recounted his experiences at the 2019 Texas Star Party that he attended back in May. He illustrated his talk with numerous photographs of the event site, some of the more impressive telescopes present, nearby attractions, and even some of the local wildlife (skunks and tarantulas). He also showed a few of the astro-images he acquired.

Minutes of the business meeting.

16 May 2019.  In response to the question raised by President Steve Maas, the members of the club present voted overwhelmingly in support of continuing to hold public star parties. This being decided, a lively discussion followed about how to schedule public star parties so that there was a greater likelihood that they would avoid being cancelled due to cloudiness (as is the case with the current way they are scheduled). A number of suggestions were presented and discussed, but no concensus was reached. The topic was tabled for further discussion at next month's meeting. In a related matter, members Lesley and Scott Harris described some options for signs to be used to direct people to the public star parties.

Tom Heisey was elected SPAC Vice-President. As described by President Maas, his duties in that position will emphasize community outreach to take advantage of his substantial experience and capabilities in this area.

Thanks to modifications made by Tom Heisey, calls to the old SPAC webpage are now re-directed to the new webpage.

Dr. Ken Baake from Texas Tech was present and described the event he is planning at Caprock Canyon State Park for which he has invited members of SPAC to bring telescopes for viewing. The date for this event was set as Friday, 24 May, weather permitting. Collin Smith will coordinate with Dr. Baake and will provide further details to SPAC members as the time gets closer to the event.

Ms. Holly Jessen, Director of Children's Ministry at the First Christian Church of Lubbock, contacted Collin Smith about having someone from the club come and speak to some of their children about astronomy. This would be in early June. Tom Heisey has volunteered to do this.

Member Lesley Harris brought two delicious bundt cakes that were greatly enjoyed by all. 😋

Dr. Tom Maccarone of the TTU Department of Physics and Astronomy gave a presentation on research he and his colleagues at Texas Tech are conducting involving black holes. He described how black holes and neutron stars are formed and the various ways they can be detected, including the measurement of gravity waves from their collisions.

Minutes of the business meeting.

18 April 2019.  The new version of the South Plains Astronomy Club website was unveiled at the April club meeting. The new webpage contains all the information from the previous one plus many new enhancements and a hopefully more eye-catching design. The new website can be accessed at http://cat-star.org/southplainsastronomy/spac-index.html.

The weekend of June 28-29 was established as the tentative date for the First Annual South Plains Astronomy Club "Star-BQ". The weekend of August 2-3 was identified as the backup date for the event in case weather prevents holding it in June.

SPAC President Steve Maas provided copies of a document to the attending members describing a possible new approach to holding the monthly public star parties. The purpose of this document is to stimulate discussion on the topic at the next monthly meeting.

Collin Smith described an invitation that SPAC has received from Ken Baake, a professor at Texas Tech, for providing a private star party for a group he is heading up in late May (weather permitting). This would be held at Caprock Canyon State Park. He is willing to donate $250 to SPAC for our effort. The proposal was favorably received by the members attending the meeting. Collin will provide further details as they develop.

The Club welcomed two new members, Randy DeLung and Craig Patterson.

Member Tom Heisey made a presentation in which he described the equipment and methods he uses for his acclaimed skyscape photography. He showed numerous examples of his photos of night time landscapes, thunderstorms and the Milky Way.

Minutes of the business meeting.

21 March 2019.  In our monthly club meeting for March, the South Plains Astronomy Club unanimously approved holding the First Annual South Plains Astronomy Club "Star-BQ". This event will consist of a late-afternoon barbeque followed after sunset by an all-night observing session. The event is for SPAC members, family and invited guests and will be held at a dark-sky site in King County (approximately 100 miles east of Lubbock) operated by several club members. The event is tentatively planned for late-spring or early-summer.

There was a lengthy discussion of the public star parties and possible ways to improve them. Nothing was decided and the topic is open for further discussion at future monthly meetings.

Ms. Caroline Reeves, Manager of the Moody Planetarium at Texas Tech University, presented an overview of the history, operation and goals of the planetarium.

Minutes of the business meeting.



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